The Simple Efficient Mantra

In 2007, I learnt the Sudharshan Kriya in the art of Living course (started by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar). A simple and powerful breathing technique that helps us to let go all tension and be in bliss. In addition, it pumps energy is us and makes us more efficient. Here is my dedication to the Sudharshan Kriya, which is taught as a part of the basic course of Art of Living.

The course includes:
An interactive talk focusing on breathing techniques that release stress and heighten mental clarity and awareness.
* Experience inner peace through yoga and meditation
* The tendencies of the mind
* Sources of energy
* The science & secrets of breath
* Nature of stress
* Benefits of breathing techniques
* Experience Meditation and more



Billion Air Yoga

Our main goal in life is to be happy. We try to find different ways to find peace of mind. In cars, property, smoking, drugs, alcohol, money, good job, you name it. During this process of running around, there is one constant factor effecting our health . This factor is the build of stress. In the presence of stress, there is no peace of mind. So running after the materialistic and other negative reasons does not help us.

With our fast moving life and billions of possible problems we face what should we do? How do we get peace of mind and clarity about life in an effective way?

About few years back, I did the art of living basic (founded by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) course where I learnt Sudarshan Kriya. A simple and yet effective breathing (yoga) technique, whose daily practice and weekly follow-ups gave me peace of mind, and more focus. The stress went away and I was floating in bliss with my mind more present in the moment. As a result, I could solve my problems more effectively and march ahead in all peaceful glory.

This has been the case with millions of folks around the globe who practice yoga of simple breathing and meditation. So just breathe and let go all your billion stress reasons with the billion-air yoga 🙂


Problems, Questions and Answers

During our PhD program at University of Texas at Dallas, we would identify a challenging scientific problem, whose solution would contribute to science (in my case computer science), leading to more scientific curiosity and enhancement to our field. Easier said than done :). So every PhD student would face this issue of defining a problem set and then work towards the solution. Like most PhD junta will tell you, finding the problem is a problem within itself. Once we identify the issue, we pray and work that no one else solves our problem. Otherwise, one has to restart over. Across the complete process, I realized that the questions we were asking ourselves about the problem at hand led to the answers. However, in between this mad rush, ever increasing fear, so much to do, and increasing ambition, we were generally lost and failed to solve our problem. As a result, some of us would do the research, take a path and ultimately find that we have hit the wall.What we needed during this time was clarity of mind. A clear mind which is present in the moment helps us focus on the actual issue and ask the right questions, leading to the correct answers. Saving a lot of time as well.


Meditation and breathing techniques taught in Art of living courses (founded by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar), gives us clarity of mind, which helps us solve tougher problems with great focus and accuracy. The breathing practice of Sudarshan Kriya taught in the basic art of living course still helps me in my day to day activity, including my job.  My tip to all PhD folks is to follow one such discipline that gives you clarity of mind.

United we stand, divided we fall

Few years back, I was a part of a football team which had a couple of talented individuals. However, being unable to work together as a team, we never ended up winning the finals. All the four years of my college, I kept on dreaming and wishing for us to win. More than wishing, I ended up blaming others for the failure.

Looking back, I feel that the moment was ours. However, the constant blaming that happened in my head prevented me to communicate my feelings to other players. Also, this led to more negative thoughts about winning the game and it prevented me from giving my 100%. By proper communication, it would have been possible to realize our potential as a team and win the finals. This is quite true when working towards common goals as a team. Many of us are caught up in similar situations, where division with others in our thoughts prevents us from standing united and reaching common goals.

Currently, I am participating in a campaign organized by Art of Living (founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The campaign is aimed at making our community stress free and violence free. One of the motivating factors behind the campaign is not to isolate ourselves, rather connect with people. Connecting with people gives us a better chance to work as a team and solve bigger problems in an effective and less stress free manner. Perhaps, the greater lesson is to make the change within us and apply it to others. By doing so, our own actions will make our dreams come true. This will help us take bigger responsibility in our own community and our very own planet earth.


Stress Blaster and Violence Freedom

Stress manifests in anger. Anger can manifest in violence. By finding the inner peace, one is able to control one’s anger and become stress free and violence free. Meditations taught by the Art of Living foundation (started by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) help us go inwards and achieve the required inner peace. In an attempt to reduce stress and violence, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is launching a campaign in Bay Area ( Don’t be caught in your violent nature, your nature is love, join the campaign and spread the message of peace.


The Stress Free and Violence Free Campaign

With our paced life, we are caught up in day to day activities. We have to check the social pages like facebook, Google plus or tweet someone. So many phone calls to attend. Look for our favorite TV shows or listen to radio shows. Drive through the busy traffic, go to work and come back. Or perhaps find a more entertaining commute like train or an hour long bus. Deal with folks at work and the ever moving targets. People getting ahead of us, or we are trying to get ahead of people. Stock markets, investments, loans, mortgage and the list goes on and on. So much has happened in our past and the expectation of having happiness, power, security and lot of money keeps growing in the present moment. As a result, our mind keeps struggling and building a wave of emotions. With such a confused state of mind, one cannot be at rest. So stress builds and we want a way out of all this. This can be achieved by finding inner peace which starts by going inwards. The meditation techniques taught by Art of Living foundation (started by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) have helped me to connect with myself and be at peace. This has helped me to deal with my day to day actitivities. At peace, I am not angry and can conduct myself in tough situations. Also, anyone at peace is less likely to get violent in nature. Therefore, being stress free helps us to be violence free as well. Being able to apply this idea to the society will generate a wave of peace and happiness, and lesser violence cases.


On March 24th Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (founder of The Art of Living foundation) is going to launch a Stress free and Violence Free campaign in Bay Area, which aims to bring peace and happiness to the community. Come and support this campaign (


Times are changing, Why should we be left behind?

The ocean of life offers us many challenges. Challenges look big when we think they are difficult. Anything that looks difficult grows a negative thought in our mind which makes the challenge more difficult. Also, this induction of negativity makes us feel low and depressed.  In order to overcome such situations one has to stay calm and quiet with a clear mind. The meditations taught by the Art of Living foundation (started by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) have given me the clarity of mind and the ability to be in the present moment. As a result, whenever life is hit by challenges, I see them as opportunities and deal with them with a positive outlook. Sometimes, I imagine myself like an earthworm being given the ability to go faster and change the trend.