35 Reasons to Meditate

ability_to_stay_calm attainEnlightenment beMoreYouthful betterPerspective DEEPREST imorvesMindBalance improvedMEMORY improvedRelationships improveIntellect improves_ability_to_stay_calm improves_creativity improves_social_skills improvesProblemSolvingSkil increaseEnerygy increases_immunity increasesListeningAbility lessStressLevel moodSwingReduction more_focus more_productivity more_self_awareness more_tolerance moreCompassion moreIdeas1 moreInPresentMoment moreLOveandGRATitude moreMindfulness morePeaceLoving motivation_towards_life outOfComfirtZone removeNegativity selfCleansing takeMoreResponsibility wisdomImprovementmore_self_awareness_10


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