Be Like the SUN

Every time I look at the SUN and wonder
What is its purpose?
Then a realization comes
It is there to be the source of energy.
It shines for us and will eventually fade away.
Does it have any expectations from what it does for us? Perhaps not
Perhaps, the SUN offers us a greater learning…
Doing SEVA for others without expectations.
Be like the SUN!

Seekers of Water on Mars

To the seekers of water on Mars

To a martian, every human is the same

Their opinion is not divided based on ideas that covers our mind

No Caste/Religion/Bias/Country/Color, It is all the same.

If the martian can see oneness in us

and water on earth or mars is the same

Why are we divided within us?

A divided mind cannot focus on what it wants to find

Neither we can work in synergy with others

Water is just an element. And Mars is just a planet.

But being with the ONE is the actual path.

Seek the oneness inside you,

and see how the wonders of mother nature will come alive.