United we stand, divided we fall

Few years back, I was a part of a football team which had a couple of talented individuals. However, being unable to work together as a team, we never ended up winning the finals. All the four years of my college, I kept on dreaming and wishing for us to win. More than wishing, I ended up blaming others for the failure.

Looking back, I feel that the moment was ours. However, the constant blaming that happened in my head prevented me to communicate my feelings to other players. Also, this led to more negative thoughts about winning the game and it prevented me from giving my 100%. By proper communication, it would have been possible to realize our potential as a team and win the finals. This is quite true when working towards common goals as a team. Many of us are caught up in similar situations, where division with others in our thoughts prevents us from standing united and reaching common goals.

Currently, I am participating in a campaign organized by Art of Living (founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, http://stressfreeviolencefree.org). The campaign is aimed at making our community stress free and violence free. One of the motivating factors behind the campaign is not to isolate ourselves, rather connect with people. Connecting with people gives us a better chance to work as a team and solve bigger problems in an effective and less stress free manner. Perhaps, the greater lesson is to make the change within us and apply it to others. By doing so, our own actions will make our dreams come true. This will help us take bigger responsibility in our own community and our very own planet earth.



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