Power of present moment changes Life’s Perspective

Life has good and bad times. When times are rough and it gets hard, we end up remembering the good times. When the good times are there, we do not realize it. We develop a tendency to appreciate good times during bad times. When we appreciate the good times, we find bad times more difficult. This difficulty develops a wanting for the good times, and we do not know how to deal with difficult situations. The wanting loop goes on forever and we become a victim of our own actions.

How to understand, appreciate and deal with such situations?

After doing my meditation courses with Art of Living Foundation (founded by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar), I started being more in the present moment. As a result, I realized the good times in the moment and not relatively during bad times. When problems came, I dealt with them by focusing on the solution than being focussed on the good old past.  Life’s perspective suddenly changed in a different mode, the mode was of the present moment.

In a very comical way, the feeling was that of a frog caught in a well and still feeling everything was well 🙂



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