Meditation Connection

Seems like a small world these days. The internet technology helps us connect with everyone and works on PCs, laptop, tablets, cell phones, you name it. However, when we think about connecting to ourselves technology offers us little choice. I have always looked out for a magic button in the browser or a downloadable app on my Ipad. The question at first seems to confuse us as we need to find a method to do it, and once we do it, what exactly happens?

Breathing and meditation techniques taught in the art of living courses (started by H H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) helped me clear my doubts.

We all are creations of Mother Nature. To connect with our nature (self) is to connect with everyone. By focusing outwards, we tend to lose this connection. The techniques helped me reach closer to the self and have a better connectivity with my own nature. In short, my meditation techniques connected me to myself better than any other technology.



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