Actions without expectations can speak louder

Whatever we do in our lives, we have a tendency to attach an expectation to it. When we are running, eating, working, helping, praying etc., there is always a thought which reminds us of the gains from our action.  This thought creates friction to the actual action in progress. This friction might manifest into lack of focus, loss of commitment, impatience, feverishness, and anxiety etc. In addition, the mind tends to go in the future, distancing us from our current situation.

In order to make good progress with our action, we may want to give up on our expectation of the end result. As a consequence, all the issues will tend to fade away. In addition, what we might get back has an element of surprise in it, since we already have given up on this expectation. When we come into this momentum, our mind will be in the present moment and free, and actions will speak more loudly with better results.

These are some of the lessons I have learnt from Ashtavakra Gita’s discourse, given by H. H. Sri Sri Ravishankar, hosted by the Art of Living foundation. The idea was tough to digest and practice since having no expectations is an expectation within itself. So I reduced my expectations gradually until my actions were in no expectation phase. The biggest difference I saw was to be in the present moment and stay more focused.


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