Stay Calm, Be present

Some of us look at the past and see it as a better time. Some carry the baggage of bad memories.  Meanwhile, others keep visualizing for a better future.  And many are lost between the two. If our current situation was for the good, we never realize it, as we are already lost in the confusion.  In this confusion, any tough situation will appear tougher.  In short, we are blind to the value of the present.

How do we deal with this scenario?

Please try to get over the past memories and learn from the bad experiences. Know that our future can only be secured if our current is stable. If a tough situation came, we should be thankful for the opportunity as it there to give us a lesson, and honor it with full commitment.  Let us all wake up and be present. So next time I am going bumper to bumper in traffic (101 traffic), it is time to be thankful and happy, and listen to my favorite radio station, a little longer.

The actual confusion is in our minds, get rid of it and stay free. Being calm and stable is our very nature, so let us all go there.

These are some of the lessons I have learnt from Ashtavakra Gita’s discourse, given by H. H. Sri Sri Ravishankar, hosted by the Art of Living foundation.

4 thoughts on “Stay Calm, Be present

  1. Very nice post. Enjoyed reading it. Pls keep writing :-)!! The presentation is awesome. Love the image.

    May take the liberty of 10cents of feedback and know that these are personal opinions. After all everyone has a style of writing we should stay true to that. I feel that in some places the commentary is very directive or preachy. Like “Get over the past memories…..”.

    Thanks, Gautam

  2. Awesome! It is so true. I will remember the next time I am stuck in traffic, it is just the time to be thankful and listen to my favorite songs a little longer :))

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